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    Get dressed and drive to restaurant, wait tobe seated Shop, prep, cook, clean Food delivered to your door, heat and eat  

Lean Fuel

  #1 Healthy beef and barley stew made with Certified Angus beef, barley and assorted fresh vegetables
38g protein | 44g carbs | 10g fat | 418 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #2 Open faced turkey sandwich made with P28 high-protein bread, topped with a butternut squash mash, peas and fresh sliced roasted turkey breast
46g protein | 37g carbs | 8g fat | 404 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #3 Quinoa, shrimp and kale Jumbalaya (S)
36g protein | 44g carbs | 9g fat | 401 calories
1hr cook & clean  

Competition Clean

  #4 Grilled free-range chicken breast served with baked sweet potatoes and steamed green beans (GF, Paleo)
34g protein | 26g carbs | 3g fat | 271 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #5 Rosemary grilled salmon served with fresh herb and garlic roasted eggplant and zucchini rounds (Paleo, GF, LC)
34g protein | 27g carbs | 9g fat | 325 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #6 Clean steamed bowl: brown rice, lean ground turkey, chopped cauliflower with fresh herbs tossed together and served with side of Dijon mustard (GF)
33g protein | 30g carbs | 6g fat | 318 calories
1hr cook & clean  

Fuel Lite Paleo

  #7 Free-range chicken, sliced, mixed with fresh asparagus spears (Paleo, GF, LC)
33g protein | 5g carbs | 4g fat | 188 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #8 Grilled grass-fed beef filet served with steamed broccoli (Paleo, GF, LC)
29g protein | 5g carbs | 9g fat | 217 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #9 Blackened mahi mahi over mixed greens, cucumbers, fresh sliced tomatoes served with lemon served with a side of balsamic vinegar. (Paleo, GF, LC)
27g protein | 8g carbs | 2g fat | 158 Calories; dressing: 0g protein | 2g carb | 3g fat | 35 calories
1hr cook & clean  


  #10 Caramel apple protein pudding. 2 servings per container. 1 serving: 1/2 container. (*contains whey isolate and coconut milk).
13g protein | 20g carbs | 10g Fat | 222 Calories per serving
1hr cook & clean  
  #11 Signature macadamia nut, date protein balls. 2 servings per container. 1 serving: 3 balls. (*contains whey isolate protein powder)
24g protein | 21g carbs | 8g fat | 244 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #12 Spinach and artichoke lean turkey muffins (*contains oats and egg whites) served with chef’s choice of dipping sauce. 2 servings per container. 1 serving: 2 muffins.
20g protein | 17g carbs | 4g fat | 184 calories per serving
1hr cook & clean  


  #13 King of breakfast stack: Sweet potato hash topped with turkey bacon and 3 eggs over medium topped with a homemade tomato relish
28g protein | 29g carbs | 19g fat | 399 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #14 Lemon berry, chia seed oatmeal soaked overnight with coconut milk (*contains whey isolate protein)

18g protein | 41g carbs | 6g fat | 290 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #15 Cocoa protein waffles (made with egg whites, oats and whey protein powder). Served with a side of homemade raspberry compote.
35g Protein | 31g Carbs | 3g Fat | 291 Calories
1hr cook & clean  

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Olivia Langdon
Fuel Food's quality ingredients and nutrient-dense meals provide constant energy that my body needs to train, recover and lean down for my competitions. It saves me the hassle of cooking clean, and I never feel deprived when preparing for a show!
Rebecca Clark
"FuelFood helps me stay on track when my busy schedule and long hours don't leave me enough time to prep my meals."
Thiago Alves
"FuelFood makes my life much easier as an athlete. I can focus on just being at my best on every training session pushing my body to the limit. Knowing that I will have the proper fuel to recover stronger and faster."
Katie Hoff
"FuelFood allows me to put all my focus on my training in and out of the pool. I know my nutrition and recovery will be there because FuelFood meals keep my diet balanced and clean."
Mo "King Mo" Lawal
FuelFood will fuel your body to great results and a great body!!
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