Adam Von Rothfelder, 33

Retired professional MMA fighter turned motivator

I am a motivational mind bomb on a mission to make America move. My passion for movement started at a young age with gymnastics, martial arts, and the dream of one day being a professional athlete. That dream became a reality in 2008 when I fought my first Pro MMA fight. Although my fighting career was short lived, what I learned getting to that point set the course for what has been an amazing life in mastering movement.

As a former professional fighter, I truly understand what its like to fight for what you want. And when it comes to fitness, I have dedicated my life to motivate people to fight for it too.

In 2010 I opened Drench Fitness Boutique, an unconventional training facility in Milwaukee, WI in the hope to help the city in which I was born and raised to battle and overcome many of the sedentary habits that make it one of the unhealthiest places in the country. That mission is still going strong and my vision is only getting bigger. Five years ago it was Milwaukee; today it’s America; soon it will be the world. Let’s move!

Current address: Milwaukee, 53212