Thank you so much for giving us a chance to deliver you delicious food and for becoming a member of fuelfood.com owned by Fuel Foods Inc. a Florida corporation. Everything contained on this website is the property of Fuel Foods Inc. and is copyrighted by Fuel Foods Inc. Fuel Foods Inc. has been an innovator in delivering the highest quality health food to your door and we are very pleased that you have given us the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for becoming a member at fuelfood.com. Please make note of our program rules and regulations. This membership agreement between member and Fuel foods Inc. (the food company providing service and owner of website fuelfood.com and fuelfoodsfl.com) is recurring on a weekly basis or a minimum number of meal basis.

Update to terms and conditions for 12/15/15 and moving forward

For the benefit of the consumer fuelfood.com will no longer bill clients weekly for the 10 meal program. Clients will be billed when meals are ordered. When a client orders the 10 meal program their meal account balance will reach 0. At the time the account balance reaches 0 the client will be billed again for the program they signed up for. Clients can easily upgrade or give 8 day cancellation notice at anytime. The nice thing about this program is it only bills when you order as well as all of or other programs. All fuel programs renew at or under 9 meals. This means if you sign up for a special promotion you will be billed regular price when you order.

Fuelfood.com 20 meal promotion for just $100 plus the 10% processing that is applied to new accounts only. Your first week is just $110. When these meals are ordered you will be billed the regular price of $241.78 for 20 items. This means your total introductory monetary commitment is $351.78 plus shipping. We hope you understand how our program works and enjoy the food. By checking the boxes that say you have read this, it means you have read this.

Meals purchased from online coupon offers or vouchers including living Social and Groupon will be billed weekly totaling $104.50 per week for 10 meals paid in advance of ordering said meals. Anyone that redeems an offer or a voucher number from living social (livingsocial.com) or Groupon (groupon.com) will be put on a weekly recurring program to be billed every 7 days.

you will be billed in 7 days. You must purchase minimum 10 additional meals to be placed in your account with redemption of voucher. Do not redeem voucher if you are opposed to being billed $104.50 seven days from offer redemption.

Fuelfood.com 10 meals for $50 promo renews at 10 meals for $132.00 when their meal balance will reach at or under 9 meal. Your fuelfood.com recurring program can be cancelled with 8 day notice, or upgraded at anytime easily in your members section.

Clients can choose to pause an account at any time with an 8 day notice. Clients can only redeem one voucher per account. Clients that select Fuel Food block programs of meals will be billed again for the same number of meals originally ordered when their account reaches 20 meals or below. Fuelfood.com members can change their plan at any time. Any type of fuelfood.com membership program can easily be changed, upgraded, paused, or cancelled online with an 8 day notice.

Fuelfood.com offers a weight loss program. This program does not work within a week, and we simply ask an 8 day notice from when a client signs up to cancel. You will see results fast and clients can lose up to or more than 9% body fat in 40 days. We go to great lengths to try to inform you about our program and how it is most effective. Including multiple check boxes and well explained terms and conditions. Should client choose to deceive their credit card company and say they did not know about signing into the fuelfood.com program when they input their credit card information at fuelfood.com and signed up, thereby initiating a disputed charge. Client agrees that their dispute is completely false in nature, not only wrong, but unjust. Client agrees that they are responsible for paying not only the disputed amount but, paying fuelfood.com an additional $500 for their time spent defending this false irresponsible , and malicious claim. Fuelfood.com .Client will also be responsible for any fees incurred defending a disputed charge or legally pursuing compensation related to such disputed charge.

Fuel Foods Inc. and fuelfood.com are not responsible for pausing/canceling accounts of any customers. If customers wish to cancel or pause their account at fuelfood.com it is the customer’s responsibility to handle all of their own actions online. Customers or clients of fuelfood.com must pause their own account online at fuelfood.com which will cease billing in 8 days and pause or cancel a program. If a client chooses to engage in a fuelfood.com program or an online offer they will be subject to the same terms and conditions. When a customer redeems a voucher code online they will be mandated to give Fuel Foods Inc., owner of the web site fuelfood.com, 8 days’ notice before cancellation.

When a client signs up for any fuelfood.com program the client must pause their own account at fuelfood.com thereby giving fuelfood.com 8 days’ notice before cancellation. The client’s account will be stopped or paused exactly 8 days from when the button is selected. The client must cancel their own account; Fuel Foods Inc. is not responsible for canceling an account that was started on fuelfood.com. Fuel Foods Inc. can be reached by email or instant messenger on the site Fuelfood.com. Fuel Foods Inc. are not responsible for unanswered questions by email, call, or instant messenger. Fuel Foods Inc. has provided a detailed question and answer list located under the FAQ tab at the top of our web site fuelfood.com.

What if I decide to dispute a charge?
Listed in terms and conditions which every member signs
I voluntarily agree that any credit card dispute raised against fuelfood.com or the Florida corporation fuel foods inc is completely invalid. I voluntarily agree to give up my option to dispute any purchase at fuelfood.com. I voluntarily withdraw any dispute against fuel foods inc or fuelfood.com

All customer actions must be completed by the customer online. Fuel Foods Inc. representatives are here to assist in any process on the website, but can make no changes to a customer account by themselves. Fuel Foods Inc. representatives have no access to member’s accounts. Fuel Foods Inc. experiences a high call, email, and chat volume; we cannot guarantee your attempt to contact us will be immediately responded to or will be responded to. Fuel Foods Inc does guarantee we do our best to help you.

Fuel foods Inc has the right to use any information entered on this web site in any way that the company deems appropriate.

The member agrees to keep and obey all rules and regulations now enforced or in the future administered by the Fuel Foods Inc. for fuelfood.com. For the use of this website, Fuel Foods Inc. has a couple rules for using our service.

  • Always pay membership dues before ordering.
  • Client member is responsible to put correct delivery address on profile form. Fuelfood.com employees do not have access to change forms, orders, or address. Once client submits their order the order is final and binding.
  • If you are signed up for a 10 meal weekly recurring program you are required to order food on place order page to receive food or any type of delivery each week. If any member does not order, food will not be delivered, but the client will still be billed. If member does not order you will still be billed and enrolled in Fuel Food program.
  • Fuelfood.com and Fuel Foods Inc. offer absolutely no monetary refunds. Fuelfood.com and Fuel Foods Inc. will happily refund any member a maximum of 5 meals if the client deems them unsatisfactory for any reason.
    The minimum order is always 10 meals per order and subsequent delivery; no member at any time can order less than 10 meals.
  • Fuelfood.com delivers to the entire United States and Puerto Rico. Delivery fees for a 10 meal program range from just $20 within the state of Florida, but can exceed $100 or more based on delivery area nationwide. If a member chooses to get a larger number of meals ordered the delivery price will rise. Fuelfood.com recommends ordering at a 20 meal minimum to save on delivery costs. Fuelfood.com can change delivery policy and delivery fee area at any time in any area.

It is expressly understood and agreed that this contract is not assignable or transferrable by member and no rights or privileges granted by this membership can be transferred or assigned by member.

It is further agreed that all food shall be consumed at the member’s sole risk. Notwithstanding any meal or snack that is eaten. Meals have a best by date on them and heating instructions are listed in FAQ on our web site at fuelfood.com. Improperly stored food, improperly eaten food, undercooked food, and the manner in which food is consumed are the sole risk of the member at fuelfood.com.

Any consultation on food programs which may be provided by Fuel Foods Inc. employees or agents is just a suggestion. It is hereby understood that the selection of food programs, methods, and types of food shall be member’s entire responsibility and the company shall not be liable to member or member’s family or friends for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, or actions arising due to consumption of food.

Member hereby holds Fuel Foods Inc., fuelfood.com and fuelfoodsfl.com, its successors, assigns, owners, officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by member, on member’s behalf, by member’s family, and member’s executors, administrators, and personal representatives for any such injuries or claims aforesaid and member for him/herself and on behalf of his/her family, executors, administrators, and personal representatives does hereby forever release and discharge the company Fuel Foods Inc., its successors, assigns, owners, officers, directors, employees, and agents from all claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions, losses and expenses. This section will survive any cancellation of this Agreement. Member acknowledges receipt of a fully completed copy of this agreement executed by both fuelfood.com, fuelfood.com member in the members account section at fuelfood.com.

Fuel foods inc owner of fuelfood.com and fuelfoodsfl.com does not cancel customer accounts. Fuelfood.com representatives do not cancel customer accounts. Customers can easily cancel or upgrade their program in thier members section at anytime. Fuelfood.com representatives do not have passwords to customer accounts. Any accounts can be paused , cancelled, or upgraded by the customer at anytime with an 8 day notice. If a customer signs up with any online coupon or simply at the fuelfood.com web site, the customer is responsible for their own account. If a customer signs up that customer will be billed in accordance with the program they signed up for. Please not you must input your delivery information, and order food to receive food. If you sign up for a program but do not receive food, your food will be held in your ace t until you are ready to order. Fuelfood.com does not ever under any circumstances give a monetary refund to any client for any reason. Fuelfood.com is willing to replace up to 5 meals one time for a customer should they be any way unsatisfied by the service.