• Leslie Paczosa

    Hi Erik!While I know ‘all of my progress’ between these photos isn’t noticeable by strangers, Everyone I know says they’ve seen the most progress in the past few weeks while being on the FuelFood.com program.

    Leslie Paczosa – Florida

  • Mike Roca

    I’ve lost 40 pounds and 8% body fat in 6 months. Running four gyms and a full-time dad, FuelFood.com saves me time and money!

    Mike Roca –  Florida

  • Christian

    Hi, my name is Christian! I started using FuelFood.com 2 months ago! What a difference in my energy level, & overall health. I’m 44, enjoy staying fit, but it was so hard to be consistent with always being on the go! In the past, waiting until the last minute always influenced me to make poor food choices. Not anymore though with the convenience factors, quality, & constantly changing menu at FuelFood.com. Placing my order is quick, easy, & exciting, knowing that FuelFood will “save the day” when I’m hungry! Knowing that I’m not going to be hungry, I’m eating clean, & the convenience saves me time, is the best feeling! Knowing exactly how many calories consumed is so helpful with accuracy & really helps balance my meals & exercise. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of food & customer service! They say that jumping on the bandwagon isn’t always good, but I promise that this is the bandwagon you want to jump on! Give it a try, it’s a great surprise!

    Christina – Florida

  • Lyndsay R. Woodrum

    Hi! My name is Lyndsay! I am ecstatic to write about how much I love Fuel Food and how it has changed my life! I’m a career professional & Mom, 28 years old, that enjoys keeping in check with my health & fitness. However, in the past, TIME has deterred me from being consistent with my goals! Since I have started my meal program with Fuel Food, it has changed so much more than just my eating habits & weight. It has reduced stress & given me a peace of mind! No more of the “What am I going to eat today”, the infamous rushing around, not enjoying my work out because I’m already hungry due to not eating the nutritional food that I need to fuel my body properly. OR, simply because I’m thinking about how I need to cook once I’m home, wondering if the chicken is thawed out & how dinner will be ready really late… OR, do I need to stop on my way home when I’m already running late to relieve the Nanny. I’d rather enjoy my evenings with my son, versus slaving over the stove, & knowing that all my hard work at the gym is backed up by eating delicious, healthy, & convenient food. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, just heat & eat! Fuel Food will be influential in your life & the amazing part is that FF offers variety, flavor, quality, & a money-back guarantee. I have used other meal services before and nothing compares to Fuel Food, that’s my guarantee!

    Lyndsay R. Woodrum

  • Channa Figueroa

    I’ve been heavy my whole life. I’m 38 and I actually accepted that I was going to be heavy the rest of my life. Because I just like everyone you know has tried every diet out there. You name it I’ve tried it. So I learned to accept me even though deep down I really wasn’t happy with it. Last year i was introduced to Fuelfood.com. I tried it and actually liked it. So I gave it a chance. To my amazement it actually started working. I lost 80 pounds in the first 5 months with almost no exercise. After loosing the initial 80 pounds I incorporated exercise to my new amazing healthy gourmet meals. I now have lost a total of 145 pounds and the weight is still coming off. I am more than half way through my weight goal. I have 105 pounds to go and I will have lost a total of 250 pounds. Fuelfood.com has changed my way of life. I no longer accept me being heavy. I now accept me being healthy and fit and literally owe my life to Fuelfood.com. I hope and pray that others like myself will read my story and give Fuelfood.com a chance. I promise you it will work if you follow it. Thank you Fuelfood.com you guys are absolutely amazing!

    Channa Figueroa – Florida

  • Jess

    My results speak for themselves just see my before and after.

    Jess – Florida

  • Rob

    I knew it was time to lose weight. My cholesterol was high and my doctor said I in danger of having some very serious health issues.

    Rob – Florida

  • Jeff Huntley

    I’ve been in the Fuel Foods program for months and I have had excellent results. The meals are excellent tasting and I love all the choices. The snacks keep me going in-between meals. Fuel Foods and their staff have changed the way I eat and the way I feel about my body. My results are great and I look forward to keep eating Fuel Foods system and training hard.

    Jeff Huntley – Florida

  • Bill

    This was me not too long ago. I was overweight, had no energy and knew it was time for me to lose weight. I knew it was time to take charge of my weight and get healthy. I called fuel foods and quickly to lost weight and immediately felt better. Over the next 6 months my body transformed, I got stronger, and it was so easy. I started out with 3 meals a day and 2 snacks, and let me tell you the food is fantastic. I couldn’t believe I was eating diet food. The meals are very satisfying, I especially loved the buffalo burgers and filet mignon. My favorite snack is the almond butter balls. Here is my picture after just 6 months, this really wasn’t hard. I lost over 100 pounds and I’m still dropping. I have tons of energy, my blood sugar has stabilized, and my cholesterol is better. Thanks for the help Fuel Foods.

    Bill – Florida

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